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About Us

Senior Staff & Officers

William Geiger


Bill founded Consolidated Sciences way back in 1988. Since then he’s literally written the book on Trace Analysis of Specialty and Electronics Gases.


Blake McElmurry, PhD

Lead Chemist

Blake joined Consolidated Sciences in November of 2014 to develop methods of analysis for pure and mixed gas types using ICP-QQQ, ICP-MS, GC-MS, and FTIR. He also designs software to enhance automated FTIR quantitation and sample introduction.


Jesus Anguiano

Senior Chemist

Jesus can usually be seen presenting state-of-the-art research at conferences such as PITTCON and the Gulf Coast Conference. In addition, he co-authored "Appendix A: Materials of Construction" in Trace Analysis of Specialty and Electronics Gases.


Recent Publications


Geiger, William M., McElmurry, Blake, & Anguiano, Jesus. (2016, February). Gas chromatographic separation of metal carbonyls in carbon monoxide with detection using the Agilent 8800 ICP–QQQ Agilent Technologies Application Note, 5991-6432EN.


Geiger, William M., McElmurry, Blake, & Anguiano, Jesus. (2016, March). Analysis of Propylene Impurities Using Select Low Sulfur Column and Single Tune with GC–ICP–MS QQQ ORS. Agilent Technologies Application Note, 5991-6823EN.


Geiger, W. M., Soffey, E., Wilbur S., Scanlon C. (2015, June). Sub-ppb detection limits for hydride gas contaminants using GC-ICP-QQQ. Agilent Technologies Application Note, 5991-5849EN.


McElmurry, B. A., Anguiano, J. E., & Geiger, W. M. (2015, October). Analysis of fuels for siloxane impurities by GC-ICP-QQQ. Gulf Coast Conference. Galveston, TX.


Springer, D., McElmurry, B. A., Wang, Z., Leonov, I. I., Lucchese, R. R., Bevan, J. W., Coudert, L. H. (2015, June). Rovibrational analysis of the water bending vibration in the mid-infrared spectrum of atmospherically significant N2-H2O complex. Chemical Physics Letters, 633, 229-233.