Getting Started

Sample Information

To ensure that your sample is properly handled, please complete our Quote Request Form or send the following information to For added security and proper handling, we would also appreciate a copy of this information in the shipping container with your samples:

Specific analyses needed, if known

The expected levels and required detection limits of specific analytes, if known

The type of reporting required (see Reporting below)

Sample markings or unique identifications such as cylinder numbers

Purchase Order number or credit card information

Phone, fax, and/or email address(es) for reporting

Billing address, phone, fax, and/or email address

Contact & street address for sample return (see Sample Storage & Disposal below)

Please note that all oversize deliveries will require a lift gate. Oversize deliveries without a lift gate will be billed $100.00 for special handling at CONSCI’s discretion.

CONSCI reserves the right to refuse to accept (in whole or in part) any shipment which it determines, in its sole discretion, to be unsafe.


Sample Quantity

Check with your analyst to verify the sample quantities and/or handling requirements for analysis as the detection limits and analysis type will determine the quantity required.



All quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of issue unless otherwise noted. A purchase order must reference a CONSCI quotation number, cylinder number, clearly stated terms of payment, and must match total price shown on quote in order to ensure proper billing and payment. Once a purchase order has been issued, any changes to the requested analytical services must be submitted in writing so that a revised quotation reflecting any change in pricing can be issued. Upon agreement, the client will supply CONSCI with a new purchase order or a written revision to the existing purchase order reflecting the new quote number, revised scope of work, and/or pricing changes. Any PO issued for credit card must clearly state it is for credit card payment. No changes can be made once analytical work has been started.

Please use our Quote Request Form to ensure we have all the information necessary to accurately analyze your sample(s).


Samples & Shipping

Samples must be submitted by the client at the client’s expense. Sample containers are supplied by the client unless prior arrangements have been made. Duplicates must be clearly marked. All shipping expenses including return shipping are the client’s responsibility. CONSCI does not store samples for any reason. A fee will be imposed for any sample(s) that remains on our premises more than 30 days. At this time, CONSCI is unable to provide international return shipments. CONSCI does not have a loading dock. All oversize or heavy deliveries will incur a handling fee agreed upon by both parties.

It is advisable to submit the smallest sample quantity required because many hazardous materials have shipping exemptions for small quantities. Check with your analyst to verify sample quantities needed for analysis.


Sample Storage & Disposal

All samples remain the property of the client. Any unused portion of a sample will be returned unless the client certifies at the time of sample submission that it can properly be disposed of in the municipal waste system (landfill or sewer). A fee of $40.00 per sample will be billed for all hazardous material disposal (this fee may be adjusted on the basis of sample size and quantity).

A minimum $50.00 surcharge will be added to orders with sample returns requiring special packaging and labeling as hazardous materials.

Samples are normally held for 30 days after reporting prior to disposal or return. Our Sample Container Return Form is available to make sample returns easier.



It is the intent of CONSCI to provide the most reliable data possible for contracted analyses. A tabular report, or Certificate of Analysis, will be submitted to the client electronically (or by first class mail if preferred), and these results along with the raw data will be archived for two years after the date of analysis. Requests for additional reporting after data has been archived will incur administrative surcharges.

Requests for reporting beyond the concentration of analytes listed in the Certificate of Analysis is called an Analytical Narrative and is available at an additional charge, but must be requested prior to the start of service. The Raw Analytical Data and QA/QC Data is also available and also must be requested prior to the start of service. This data can be made available in a variety of file formats.

All results are held in strict confidence and will only be released to a third party when authorized in writing by the original client. See Privacy.


Bulk Discounts

On large projects, we are frequently able to provide significant price discounts. These are offered by quotation only, and are based upon cost-savings afforded by economies of scale. This is determined not simply by number of samples or gross dollar amount but by the specific analyses, sample quantity, sample matrix, analyte concentration ranges, required turnaround time, and other analytical process factors. We strongly encourage you to inquire about potentially substantial cost and time savings for your larger batch sample submittals or ongoing analytical projects. Advance scheduling of sample submittals may result in faster turnaround times and/or lower charges for priority service.

To receive quantity discount, all samples must be received at the same time unless otherwise noted.



Invoices will be issued upon submission of analytical results to the client. Invoices will be sent electronically as well as mailed via first class post. Standard terms are net 30 for all clients who have established an open account that remains in good standing. Any past due amounts may result in a hold placed on the release of any pending analytical results and future service.

It is the client’s responsibility to verify that the invoice matches the purchase order. CONSCI can not be held responsible for discrepancies between the invoice and purchase order that result in the client’s failure to pay and the assessment of late fees.

We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and American Express for payment of services. Please refer to our full Terms and Conditions for more detailed information.


Chain of Custody

To maintain the integrity of its client’s samples, CONSCI is equipped to provide documentation of the control, transfer, and analysis of samples with a chain of custody form. We are happy to provide a generic chain of custody form for our client's use.



CONSCI takes its clients’ privacy seriously. We consider each client to be the "sole proprietor" of their analytical data. As such, we will not discuss samples, procedures, processes, or data with anyone other than the client or his/her designated representative(s). If we are contacted by anyone else, we will require written consent (a valid email from the original client will suffice) prior to discussing any aspect of the job in question.

These measures are taken to ensure the highest level of privacy/security for the client. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but we feel strongly that this policy is prudent, when guarding the rights of each and every client.

Specific, client-generated Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) may be required by some clients, in certain instances. These NDA's may be submitted to CONSCI for review and signing, once mutual agreement is reached.

In addition, every employee of CONSCI is required to sign a NDA that ensures their commitment to these standards.


Limits of Liability & Warranty

It is the intent of CONSCI to provide the most reliable data possible for contracted analyses. These services are provided without warranty or liability, implied or otherwise, of any kind. The sole remedy shall be limited to repeating the analyses or refunding the amount paid to CONSCI for services provided.

CONSCI shall not be liable for any claim arising out of the performance, non performance, delay in delivery of or defect in the materials, nor for any special, indirect, economic or consequential loss or damage howsoever caused whether from negligence or otherwise in connection with the supply, functioning, or use of the materials. Any liability of CONSCI shall in any event be limited to the year in which the event arises.