Turn-Key Applications

CONSCI's turn-key applications are custom built instrumentation and after-market customization of gas chromatographs and GC/MSs including detector and valve additions. The two most versatile systems are the CALX2 Gas Chromatograph and the Gas Dragon FTIR. The CALX GC is highly flexible with options available for many applications. In addition, CONSCI will wrap their engineering might around your specific project to find the best solution to your needs.

CALX Gas Chromatograph

Simple and easily customizable gas analyzer

An economical, compact, and simple-to-use instrument designed as a cross-over platform between a laboratory and fully unattended process control environment.

The Merlin MicroScience CALX Gas Chromatograph is designed to be an economical, compact and simple to use instrument for customers in need of a crossover platform between a laboratory and fully unattended process control environment. To fill that need a modular component based, rack-mount design was chosen, keeping the applicated cost below that of a laboratory style instrument as well as below a classified process instrument. In addition to saving money and space, it maintains the esthetics of the manufacturing environment.

Part of the design criteria was to build the instrument with inexpensive, replaceable, generic, non-proprietary subassemblies. The CALX was designed to use up to three valves, two separately controlled oven zones, and either a PDID or TCD detector. It can also be used as an inlet system for a mass spectrometer or atomic emission detector.

The typical configuration uses a pulsed discharge detector for the trace analysis of atmospheric contaminants including hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, argon, carbon monoxide, methane, and carbon dioxide in aggressive/reactive electronic gases. Custom models have been configured to measure over eleven impurities in nitrogen trifluoride. In addition to the analytical flow-path, by-pass and block-and-bleed provisions for both standard and sample can be provided.


Carrier Gas: Air; Nitrogen optional
Calibration Gases: Hydrogen, nitrogen, argon, methane, carbon dioxide at ppm levels;
Oxygen only at ppm levels in helium;
Carbon monoxide only at ppm levels in helium
Pneumatics: 80 psig clean dry air or inert gas
Electrical: 20 amp circuit

GasDragon FTIR

Economical extension of calibration standards

A 100% type 316L stainless steel gas dilution system to produce single step dilutions of 10,000:1 while consuming less than 1.2 l/min total of input gases

The Merlin MicroScience GasDragon FTIR spectrometer is a fully integrated gas analysis system designed for a wide range of applications. It can quickly and easily alternate between product component analysis at percent levels and trace analysis of impurities at sub-part-per-million levels.

FTIR spectroscopy is an extremely stable technique for gas analysis. Once the instrument is characterized, only performance checks are needed to validate quantitation. The Merlin MicroScience GasDragon FTIR spectrometer includes customized calibration recipes for each customer's specialized needs.

The optical bench is the robust and reliable Thermo Nicolet iS5, and the instrument panel is designed to safely handle reactive, corrosive, and other analytically challenging gases with as little risk to the operator as possible. Precision is less than 0.05%. Typical detection limits for various matrix gases are listed in the table below.


Dimensions (short path cell): 19" W x 14" H x 18" D
Weight: 35 lbs; 15.9 kg
Power Input: 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Interface: PC USB 2.0
Source Type: Mid-infrared Ever-Glo
Spectral Range: 400 – 7500 wn
Resolution: 1 wn
Detector: Non-cryogenic DTGS
Window: KBr, ZnSe, or CaF2
Resolution: 1 cm-1
Beam Splitter: KBr/Ge mid-infrared optimized
Path Length: Short: (1 cm and 10 cm)
Long: 6.4 m
Output: Thermo Scientific™ OMNIC™ Software
with custom macros for continuous monitoring

Custom Instrument Development

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FTIR Calibration Spectra

We offer FTIR calibrations in SPC file format for a variety of gases using 1 cm-1 and 0.5 cm-1 resolution at 50°C. Other resolutions and temperatures are available upon request, and the file format can be translated into a variety of software formats.

Typical calibrations include a five data point curve, and in addition to calibrations for trace analysis, we can also provide pure matrix gas spectral files that can be used for abstractive analysis.

Example FTIR calibration spectra of nitric oxide (NO) at 0.5 cm-1 resolution.